Costumed Stilt Walkers For Hire
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Costumed Stilt Walkers For Hire


is a stilt-walker


PeteZa a multi-talented entertainer available for engagements in the UK and beyond.

He has 25 years of experience bringing fun and laughter to all kinds of events,
stilt walking on Parades, on Screen, on the West End Stage and even on Fire!

Perfect entertainment for “walkabout” or as an ice-breaker", “meet n’ greet” or “mix n’ mingle”.

With friendly chat and silly gags, he provides interactive entertainment, not just “look at me”.

PeteZa prefers to  use “REAL” peg-stilts and is highly agile.

He can run, dance, hop, skip, juggle, bang a big bass drum or do a jig!  

And yes…. from the stilts, he can do the ever popular balloon modelling too!
He may use  Builders Static Stilts for the long day jobs.

There are event the extreme stilts with bionic bouncing ability! Jumping Stilts for the energetic gigs!

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Stilt-walking Costumes can be made to order!

PeteZa has various “Off-the-Shelf” characters and costumes and can build others..

custom made costumes to your event requirements.

Exciting themes are a speciality!

Some ideas include

  • Traditional Long Legs, (& arms!)
  • Hotel Doorman
  • Bouncer
  • Spanish Flamenco
  • Pirate
  • Clown
  • Ring Master
  • H & S Inspector
  • Elvis (ish)
  • Santa, Santa (ish)
  • Jester
  • Dragon Rider
  • Moko Jumbie Voodoo stilt man
  • Drag Queen!


He can be Charming, he can be Delightful...

He can be Freaky!! 

Is not just for the Kids!!

Here are some examples...

cowboy on stiltsstilt walking ring masterballon modeller on stilts

bouncy stilt-walkertraditional stilt-walkerchristmas stilt walker

dragon rider stilt-walkerstilt walker for hirebouncy stilt walker


Stilt walking review

Quote; The Stage. 30th Nov 2006,

Trevor George Entertainments Optimum Showcase 2006 - evening session

 “the ever-bubbly meeter and greeter, PeteZa, had clearly drawn the short straw, given that he was on high stilts outside the venue on a very blustery, wet night. Just staying vertical was deserving of applause in itself.”


Call Peteza on 07768 498090


Or email 

Stilt walking costumed stilt walkers for hire

Costumed Stilt Walkers For Hire
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